LinaNetwork DAC

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Lina Network DAC

The heart of your dCS Lina system, our powerful network streaming DAC delivers extraordinary sound from any digital source

  • Compatible with all digital audio formats
  • Supports hi-res streaming from Roon, TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer, AirPlay & more
  • Features our renowned dCS Ring DAC TM and Digital Processing Platform
Lina Network DACLina Network DACLina Network DACLina Network DACLina Network DACLina Network DAC

About the Lina DAC

The Lina Network Streaming DAC is both a continuation and a new beginning. Its design combines renowned dCS technologies and all of the benefits listeners have come to expect from a dCS DAC with a wealth of new innovations, including an all-new mechanical design, plus new technologies developed specifically for headphone listening. It is a complete reimagining of form and function, created with the same relentless focus and ambition as our world-renowned Bartók, Rossini and Vivaldi DACs.

The DAC utilises proprietary dCS playback technologies, including the famous dCS Ring DAC™ and our endlessly flexible Digital Processing Platform, to deliver a deeply natural, highly detailed, and profoundly musical sound. With its wide dynamic range, crisp, clear playback, expansive soundstage, and tonal neutrality, it delivers a highly revealing and compelling performance that uncovers the true depth and essence of a recording.

Its powerful flex-rigid circuit board enables us to deliver a huge range of features in a compact chassis (our smallest yet). The result is a supremely capable product that caters to a wide range of settings, including rooms where space is at a premium.

Add unique headphone optimisation technology, a high-performance streaming platform, and digital volume control enabling use in systems without a preamp, and you have a hugely versatile source that delivers a spectacular performance in a vast range of setups. Designed to inspire, inform and entertain, it will give you a whole new perspective on the artists and recordings you love.

Incredible sound

At the heart of all dCS DACs is the Ring DAC™: a proprietary digital-to-analogue conversation system renowned for its ultra-wide bandwidth, technical accuracy, and ability to reveal astonishing levels of detail in digital recordings - from the subtlest of sounds, to the sense of time and harmonic movement, and the atmosphere that surrounds a musical performance. This unique component is an integral part of our systems, and remains unrivalled in its sonic and technical abilities. 

Extraordinary technology

At the heart of Lina’s design is a powerful flex-rigid circuit board housing over 2,000 individual components. Designed by dCS engineers, this extraordinary piece of technology allows us to combine all of Lina’s core functions and features on to a single circuit. This not only saves space, it also allows us to deliver an incredibly clean signal path, which is essential for great audio.

Enhanced optimisation

Available to all Lina Network DAC owners, dCS Expanse is a unique headphone processing platform which offers an enhanced version of crossfeed optimisation. With its unique multi-stage processing method, Expanse optimises audio while preserving the reverberation in a recording (something that is crucial to helping us localise sounds, and establish a sense of space and depth.) Accessed via two optional settings, it can provide a heightened sense of realism when listening to a wide range of stereo recordings.


"the finest solid state headphone system I’ve heard to date"

"undoubtedly at an absolute world class level"

"Lina is a total success, establishing itself as the best headphone listening solution ever heard before"