LinaHeadphone Amplifier

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Lina Headphone Amplifier

Our powerful solid state amplifier is designed to drive even the most demanding headphones to their full potential

  • Drives a vast range of headphones, including IEMs and planars
  • Complements virtually any headfi setup
  • Unique design offers exceptional sonic and measured performance
Lina Headphone AmplifierLina Headphone AmplifierLina Headphone AmplifierLina Headphone Amplifier

About the dCS Lina Headphone Amplifier

Whether you’re listening with custom IEMs or reference-level over-ears, the Lina Headphone Amplifier will ensure you experience the full impact of your chosen headphones, and your music. With its ultra-low output impedance, it confidently drives a vast range of designs, and adapts to suit their unique requirements and characteristics for optimal performance. 

Our first ever standalone amplifier, its design builds on learnings gained from our experience working at the forefront of audio design and engineering, and developing a custom Class AB headphone amplifier for the award-winning dCS Bartók Headphone DAC. Following the Bartók’s release, we set out to further our work in headphone amplification, and engineer a standalone component that could be used separately or as part of a complete dCS headfi system.

Through exhaustive development, extensive testing, and creative thinking, we developed an all-new design that combines tried and tested features with novel innovations engineered to further enhance performance and efficiency.  

The result is an exemplary headphone amplifier that delivers plenty of power and grip, while maintaining complete neutrality. With its low noise floor, wide dynamic range and excellent linearity, it delivers a compelling, dynamic experience that reveals the true sound and character of your music and headphones.

Choice without compromise

Different kinds of headphones require differing amounts of voltage and current, depending on their efficiency and impedance. The Lina Headphone Amplifier is specifically designed to cope with widely varying loads and deliver an outstanding performance with a huge range of headphones - whatever their individual requirements or characteristics. This is achieved through a range of features and factors, including a low output impedance design, low noise floor, wide dynamic range, and an adjustable gain switch which removes the risk of hiss when listening with highly sensitive equipment.

Perfect neutrality

All dCS products are carefully engineered to provide the highest level of transparency, and the Lina Headphone Amplifier is no exception. We’ve gone to great lengths to create an amplifier that drives your headphones to the best of their ability, while honouring their unique character - be it neutral, warm, bright, cool, or anything in between. Developed and tested with a variety of headphones, it is an amplifier that preserves and celebrates the sound of your chosen equipment, so you can experience your headphones exactly as the designer or manufacturer intended.  

Ambitious engineering

A truly ‘ground up’ design, the Lina Headphone Amplifier is engineered to deliver the highest levels of performance, quality and reliability. This is reflected in everything from the arrangement of internal components, to the design of its circuitry, electronics, and billet aluminium casework (selected for its excellent acoustic and electromagnetic properties) we have relentlessly studied and questioned every aspect of headphone amplification, developing new features and techniques, while pushing existing technologies to their limits, with the sole aim of creating the finest headphone amplifier available.


"the finest solid state headphone system I’ve heard to date"

"undoubtedly at an absolute world class level"

"Lina is a total success, establishing itself as the best headphone listening solution ever heard before"